ZenChain; Another Boom In The Market!


ZenChain features all applications supported for NFTs such as auctions, minting, and trading.

  • ZenChain Auction: This creates a marketplace for digital users who owns goods, collectibles, digital art, gaming items, and other assets backed on Blockchain.
  • ZenChain Minting: This provides flexibility and easy accessibility for game producers, artists, DeFi apps, and influencers to make NFTs with blade speed.
  • ZenChain Rent: also provides NFTs owners to rent their contents or assets in a short time and some special situations. They can regain possession as the time frame elapses.
  • High throughput via Tendermint Core
  • Horizontal scalability via IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol)
  • Fast transaction finality
  • It is Web3 compatible
  • Cross-chain solutions: ZenChain has two types of solution to allow token transfer across exiting public Blockchain;
    IBC solution: which is a two-way connection between ZenChain and Cosmos family Blockchain using the IBC (inter-blockchain communication protocols).
    Bridge solution: another two-way connect knitted between ZenChain and Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and many other chains with ZenBridge module.
  • Adding to that, because the ZenChain is built and designed on top of the Cosmos SDK, it allows for exchange value with the rest of the underlying Cosmos Ecosystem through the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

ZenChain Unique Benefits In A Nutshell

  • High-throughput for all transaction
  • Development of a key application for the Defi and NFTs.
  • Rapid development of dApps for decentralized finance.
  • Safer and tightly secure Blockchain optimized for decentralized finance.
  • Reliable governance.
  • Minimal attack surface of financial smart contract developed on the platform.
  • Thoroughly immutable by constant and periodic anchoring to the Blockchain
  • Rapid implementation and development of dApps with dedicated calls specifically for finance applications


As the NFTs and DeFi ecosystems grow continually and exponentially, the disruptive technology of Blockchain as we all see will keep on getting better towards maximum utility. ZenChain offers a unique set of core features in the DeFi space and the NFTs ecosystem, by using NFTs as collateral in DeFi and using DeFi to mint NFT-Fi, then also creating cross-chain platforms for compatibility and interoperability across those platforms.



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