Since the emergence of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have been created and the industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry with users as over the world. Cryptocurrency has continued to spread its wings across the different sectors in the economy, from the financial sector, technology, etc. and now it has found its way to the educational sector.

Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency that is related to the university, STC project is on a mission to unite and educate students around the world using a valuable token, thereby tokenizing the modern academic system. The Student Coin can be utilized by students, school faculties, and entrepreneurs.

The university has been a place where ideas for great innovations and technologies started. In February 2004, a Havard sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook. Gates and Paul Allen got the idea of Microsoft in their university days. These few examples show how strong creativity is at the university level. Additionally, universities all over the world are well connected and have a bilateral value transfer and thus making the project 100% suited for the universities.

Student Coin looks at creating a blockchain multiverse network that will connect schools around the world. This will enable the universities to store their data on the blockchain, interact in a non-monetary tokenized way, and create their university-based token.

STC Ecosystem: STC Ecosystem is a large ecosystem that will include all the schools around the world, and will support academic faculties with a professional business-related driven and educative approach.

STC Terminal: The STC Terminal is a software which corporations, universities, students, and entrepreneurs can use to create and manage the tokens seamlessly.

STC Exchange: The STC Exchange is a public exchange with all the STC-based tokens that will be traded only to STC. It will also act as a platform for crowdfunding and university-based startup fundraising.

STC App: For convenience, the STC team has made available the STC App which will be used to swap and seamlessly utilize the tokens created. The app will allow users to store their tokens and utilize them in the real world. The App will be made available for Android and iOS.

The STC project has two main parts, The Educational Panel, and The Tokenization Part. The Educational panel involves experts who are willing to teach the students about blockchain technology. These experts will go further to teach the students about Tokenization, and emerging technologies as well as create an international community between universities.
The Tokenization part is to allow users to create tokens, such as; Personal, and Corporate tokens, and to provide a platform in which universities can store thier data on a blockchain.

The STC coin is a utility token that will enable users to carry out several activities, such as; Vote the project’s development plan, sign petitions, create a new international cryptocurrency research corporation, etc.


Student Coin aims to create a tokenized universe for the educational sector, including an educational database built on blockchain, tokens, cryptocurrencies, new technologies, economics, etc.

Written by Chris Barth

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