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Hybrix is an open-source multi-blockchain platform used by crypto users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies and assets in a decentralized way while ensuring complete privacy of user data.

As an open-source platform, Hybrix tries to build a community that has a mutual symbiosis with other Distributed Ledger System(DLS), with this Hybrix has developed a decentralized platform, scripting language, API, and Javascript library to achieve this. The Hybrix platform charges no fee, as such programming can be done on several blockchains, this is implemented because the hybrix platform believes in collaboration in the blockchain field.

All chains in one solution: Having Crypto Assets stored in different blockchains can be very tedious and time-consuming, some users result in utilizing exchange wallets in other to manage their various crypto assets. One of the big disadvantages of this is that exchange wallets with its centralized structure might provide easy access to hackers, who can easily identify and manipulate new users who may be investing significant amounts of money into certain currencies and without a blockchain to distribute a users activity across millions of nodes, it is of a fact that if accessed will compromise all of your sensitive information and holdings within that exchange wallet.

The hybrix wallet can be said to be a very superior wallet in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry today, it can be accessed through the browser from any smart device you use; from your Laptops, Smartphones(Andriod and iOS), Tablets, etc.

The hybrix wallet which supports thirty two (32) blockchain and three hundred and thirty-nine plus (389+) tokens, can be very useful for crypto users who have high trading activity in trading and for users who invest in various potential altcoins. Hybrix provides relief from the difficulty of managing their wallets because they are fragmented. The hybrix wallet could be visualized as a big box or wallet that allows it’s users to do Multi-chain transactions, offering Hybrix users a cross-ledger transaction from various chains with no technical restrictions and without restriction to a single distributed ledger.

Here's a list of Coins and Token supported by Hybrix Wallet:

Going to different chains to view transactions can be overwhelming and time-consuming, even frustrating at times but Hybrix provides the easiest way to find all your transactions from a single control room, giving Hybrix users Power, Ease in usage, and Freedom. supports Thirty Two (32) chains, this gives crypto users the ability to check addresses or transactions across various chains. All in one. This provides comfort and convenience, as everything can be checked in just one page, using the Hybrix Block explorer.

Hybrix gives crypto users the ability to host their wallets thereby becoming their own bank. Crypto users can do this by utilizing hybrixd. Hybrixd daemon gives users the power to run a local node for complete control while supporting a decentral network, this makes it possible to host your own wallet, be your own bank, and have a powerful multi-blockchain system at your disposal.

β€’Hybrix connects to an excessive amount of blockchain and ledger systems
β€’Hybrix gets formatted information from different sources
β€’Hybrix pushes a deterministic transaction to decentralized ledgers
β€’Hybrix executes Qrtz script applications.

In conclusion, hybrix works towards providing the best service to crypto users worldwide, this is done by providing users with a thrilling and interesting experience that is based on a true blockchain principle that prioritizes Decentralization, Privacy, and Anonymousity. Hybrix provides the HY token which will support all activities on the platform with the main function to act as a large cross-ledger token.

β€’hybrix wallet








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