StartFi; Sell your Content, Start Your Life

What ISΒ StartFi?

StartFi, which is an abbreviation of Start Finance is an NFT powered platform that has a goal to empower content creators with tools needed to incubate, control, and fund their content creation efforts while engaging their community for response and support.

How It Works

The StartFi platform concept majorly involves the content creators, the StartFi platform, and the community/fans.

  • Digital rights management: This is a method employed to secure digital content from unauthorized use.
  • Fan token insurance: A fan token is used to encourage fans to influence the creators for forthcoming content. The platform makes sure it’s insured.
  • Monetization: This simply means changing things into assets, revenue-generating activities as well as money.

Core Features Of StartFi

  • Secret auctions: Here, there is no public listing, creators or influencers create private campaigns with a particular link to safeguard their privacy.
  • INO (Initial NFT Offering): Content creators are capable of raising funds by marketing NFTs for their products.
  • Governance Entente: Different aspects of the project governance are open for token holders to take part in.
  • Reliable pools: NFT listing with KYC and whitelist integration is sure.
  • Interoperability: A platform congenial with existing blockchain that differs following the capability of incorporating future blockchains.
  • An automated market maker(AMM)+ NFT DEX to make it easier for crypto exchange on ethereum.

STFI (StartFi Token)

STFI is the utility token for the StartFi platform. This token will be vastly used for all transactions, rewards, and launchpads. STFI’s main function is to aid token holders to gain rewards from pools distribution revenue and NFT transaction fees, fans will also be able to participate in voting for new proposals, assisting creators on the platform, and adding new features using STFI.

In conclusion

StartFi is that NFT platform where content creators are assisted to raise funds for their content. It is also a platform that caters to the ever-changing launchpad and lauchpools. Adding to that, tokenizing game assets is a game-changer because it allows the transfer of tokens between different games and players through NFT specialized blockchain marketplaces.



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