Revolutionalizing The Travelling Sector With EzyStayz

A vacation or holiday is a leave of absence from a regular occupation, or a specific trip or journey, usually for recreation or tourism. People often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or family. Traveling together creates chemistry.

There are common problems people encounter when traveling

•Anxiety: There are common problems that people usually encounter, the most usual problem is anxiety. Yes, this can be a problem that can have dire consequences, if not properly dealt with. Travelers can normally be anxious and over-worried on how the place they are visiting will treat them and as such, they need to do much stressful and tedious research works.

•Money: A second common problem that you might encounter is money or credit card problems. Many people find that they desperately need money when on vacation a lot more than they thought.

•Transportation: The third most common problem is the flight or transportation problem. As simple as transportation is, many people get things messed up so badly it affects all their travel plans.

•Accommodation: Accommodation or rental problem. This usually happens in beach resorts and hotels. If the price of the hotels in a traveler’s visiting place isn’t known to him or her, it could cause dire consequences for the traveler.

However, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been revolutionalizing the economy of the world and have found its way into the travel industry through Ezystayz.

What is EzyStayz?

EzyStayz is a unique blockchain-based marketplace that connects travelers and hosts through a smart contract platform that is decentralized, immutable, and transparent. It has the potential to dramatically reduce transaction costs from business as usual, is secure, and protects customer privacy.

Ezystayz regulates the marketplace from a point of quality, integrity, and security through safe smart contracts that don’t implode. Reviews, customer feedback, and payment records will remain decentralized. Thanks to the use of smart contracts with identity tokens, allowing transparent and ethical transactions, and eliminating abuse of misrepresentations or scams.

Leveraging blockchain as the ideal underlying technology to build the base of the emerging trust economy. In the role of a trusted gatekeeper and purveyor of transparency, blockchain allows for secure decentralized storing and sharing of data, such as financial transactions in the case of bitcoin.

Due to the blockchain’s opensource nature, it can also be augmented to execute smart contracts and create a broad range of other applications. Given the capabilities of this new technology, this is why storing digital identities, and peer-to-peer reviews of individuals and companies, on the blockchain, would make sense for the trust economy. By creating identity tokens like passport based on hospitality reference, EzyStayz streamlines, and refines search algorithms. Blockchain-based digital identities and trust ratings are already on the radar of peer-to-peer lodging platform Airbnb, which is considering the benefits of the nascent technology.

EzyStayz, however, is a first-line adopter, which positions us strategically to full a pressing need within the current market segment.

The three most important functions of blockchain technology; the ability to store records, exchange digital assets without friction, and the possibility to execute smart contracts, provide the right technological infrastructure for a more efficient and streamlined trust economy of which the wider sharing economy would benefit greatly.

Benefits For Travellers:

Travelers can use the EzyStayz website and app to search for suitable properties by entering details such as place and duration of stay. Additional search options will be added for the best user experience. Ezystayz focuses on enabling people to access affordable accommodation on a global scale. Because all user preferences and search strings will be saved in the database, with time search on the platform will become faster and more targeted.

From the perspective of renters, Ezystayz offers personalized and pleasant renting experiences through an interface that is user-centric, intuitive, and responsive. The focus is on creating a 24/7 shopping experience, which only bene¦ts renters as more useful information becomes available with a tap of a ¦nger. As the demand for real-time vacation real estate listing information grows, EzyStayz takes a holistic approach by offering better services that make life easier for renters as well as hotels and landlords.

Travelers can also share their travel experience in the ecosystem and in so doing help reduce anxiety amongst themselves. Making travel more enjoyable by introducing a special protocol for customers to experience travel like never before. EzyStayz has introduced game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. We have a whole range of exciting games to play ranging from multiple slot machines, blackjack, roulette, video poker, lottery, and many more. Each player has the opportunity to WIN EzyStayz tokens which can allow the users to help fund their vacation or even winning all the accommodation for free, Jackpot baby! Our customers also benefit by winning bonus EZY tokens for referring players, travelers, and hosts.

Benefits For Hotels:

Blockchain allows all data exchanged between guests and hotels to remain decentralized and traceable, and the database can never go offline, or be removed through a cyber-attack. This translates to no downtime for hotels ever again.
Besides, the technology could have a vital role to play in simplifying actual payments. At present, this can be somewhat complicated, especially when dealing with overseas settlements.

EzyStayz streamlines the entire process, making it more transparent, increasing trust.
By being a direct marketplace, EzyStayz allows hotels and other hospitality companies to rent out their property, allowing both property management and payment to occur in one place. The decentralized booking engine cuts out ‘middlemen’ and another major advantage is that the EzyStayz platform operates a subscription model, with minimal fees.

For Hosts:

EzyStayz allows hosts to gain quick and secure access to the huge market of hospitality that is dominated by big hotel chains and small BnBs in partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies. Securing a listing for a property on a blockchain-based platform offers exposure to a global market and opens a new revenue channel for property owners. A multi-layered system for veri¦cation of tenant details gives owners peace of mind.

For most landlords, the higher rental income provided by traditional apartment letting combined with lower costs throughout the length of a lease is preferable to short-term rentals, which can entail substantial costs for each reservation. EzyStayz makes short term rental a feasible option for homeowners and tenants by removing third party processing and advertising to turn it into an accessible and affordable business concept.

Summarily, EzyStayz is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties around the world. It aims at giving crypto holders direct access to short and long-term vacation rental opportunities globally.

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