The pace at which Cryptocurrency is constantly improving could be likened to a hurricane fast and pulling-in everything on its path, and the reason is not far-fetched, firstly because of the innovation and constant hunger for improvement.
This could be compared to human strive to acquire an easy life through the invention of many types of equipment, all to facilitate and make life easier. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized system with no governmental power, despite its high demand and popularity, it still has many complexities, a bit difficult to understand, etc.

The cryptocurrency space has greatly improved and is drawing much attention. And there’s a platform that has given lots of people the opportunity to make money and improve their financial status. I’m referring to the Prasaga project, which happens to be the next big thing in the crypto space and blockchain technology, this technology poses to break current barriers, and data storeroom, which the business model produces as it opens up a world wide access. Yet, a lot of people are still unaware to this new technology.


The main idea or driving force behind the creation of Prasaga is to solve data exchange issues and increase blockchain technology. It is also a chain project based on the development of coins on a new root chain. The blockchain on which Prasaga operates can break current barriers and data storeroom, the business model produces and creates access globally. The core mission is to create a future where data will upgrade people’s life, and ensure personal democratic freedom on data privacy. Operating on DGB, it is designed for the entire purpose of blockchain that covers every cryptocurrency and business-related model. Which also includes basic and complex operations.

Furthermore, Prasaga is a chain and is in the project of developing tokens on a new root chain. It uses the Extended Blockchain object model(XBOM) which operates on the first-class object model to stimulate classes on the DGB.

Prasaga uses the data grid blockchain which is a new formula to monitor scale, ownership, the ratio of assets, etc which will help minimize or maximize transaction costs and reduce the need for intermediaries. Hence enabling smooth transactions of any crypto assets between the account in the Data-grid Blockchain.

Operating on XBOM which uses a top-notch object model to initiate classes on the DGB which loads the code for these classes. XBOM also creates a bottom-up system to market code inheritance and gives room for tremendous improvement in the XBOM circle. This means that each account operates on its own, where all properties and assets are solely in its control.

The main mission is to construct a global village of stakeholders by building a network that enhances our blockchain ecosystem focusing on the following audience:

  • Device Manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Device owners
  • AI and machine learning companies
  • Municipalities
  • Companies
  • Data brokers


The DGB platform uses Data Grid Token (DGT) as its local token, it is mined and has a similar operation to Ethereum coin. In other words; transactions consume DGT just as the Ethereum network does to eth.
Note: New DGT is produced as encouragement rewards for block creators miners, identical to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

DGT has adopted a monetary policy that is quite a different pattern to coin supply management, to ensure DGT is stable based on economic development as hindered by static algorithm minting or printing.
More importantly, DGT is not a token that has its foundation on smart contracts like ERC20 or identical coin distribution.


The cryptocurrency trading world is a new trend that has taken over the digital webspace. With more investors and contributors entering this promising market. You will agree with me that Prasaga has a clear targeted audience, as well as promising very useful categories all for users; giving users the power to manage their data. This is obviously the next leading platform.

Written by Chris Barth

Hi there, I'm Chris Barth. A content creator, a mobile app developer (MAD), and a gamer. I do lots of cool innovative stuff!