LunaLand; Creating A Coin That Leads To The Moon



  • Hyper-Deflation
  • Targeted Supply: The distance from the earth to the moon is 400,000,000 meters. LunaLandโ€™s target supply is 400,000,000 coins. See how interesting that is?!
  • Manual Burns: The LunaLand coin (LLN) will be regularly burnt to reduce the total supply by 99.96% (From 1 trillion to about 400 million coins).
  • Reward Holders: LunaLand Coin (LLN) holders are rewarded for holding the coin. The manual burns do not penalize buyers or sellers but rather encourages trading and liquidity.
  • Encourages Trading: LunaLand rewards early adopters who put a minimum of 50% back into liquidity pools.
  • Low Entry Price: With a total supply of 1 trillion coins, a low entry price is planned, and LunaLand will reward early adopters.





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Hi there, I'm Chris Barth. A content creator, a mobile app developer (MAD), and a gamer. I do lots of cool innovative stuff!