Hodlers Network; Fine-Tunning The Crypto Space

  • Trust Review
  • NFTs
  • Social Network
  • Tokenomics
  • Trust Review: the vital role in this is the role of filtering scams and preventing fraud or deceit. The core objective is to create a trusted review for regular, new, and prospective crypto holders. This will be one step ahead of general audits, which are the only center on business structure and coding. Hodlers Network will supply the crypto community a sustainable atmosphere for experiences in the market to be shared and provide feedback for various sectors in the crypto space such as business model website, support, and coin supply to name a few.
  • NFTs: the non-fungible tokens are distinguishable and unique items that cannot be exchanged with normal fungible cryptocurrency on the blockchain. The NFTs marketplace will be hosted by the Hodlers Network with proof of ownership on the platform where unique digital items can be traded in real-time.
  • Social Network: In today’s world, everything happens on social media, and Hodlers Network is working to leverage the wider audiences present in social media by launching the Social Network. This will offer plenty of options for the cryptocurrency community and as well as to other less commonly involved users in the space, such as getting in touch with the best crypto traders, influencers, groups or companies regarding the cryptocurrency market. With the Hodlers Social Network help and outreach, companies and users will be privileged to share their portfolios, news, and all about cryptocurrencies. They will have the opportunity to create and join coin groups on the platforms, follow their favorite investors and their coins. On the other hand, the social platforms will give the companies the possibility to create coin pages and share important announcements, advertisements, and news for the right targets.
  • Tokenomics: HDLN Token can only be used on the platform ecosystem and it will contain 100,000,000 tokens. The Tokens will be largely traded across and within the Network/Platform. The token will be distributed to certain projects and the percentage that is attached to it.



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