HackenAI; High Security Assured


  • Password Manager: This will help secure the storage of users' passwords and other critical personal data.
  • Two Factor Authentication (OTP Generation): With this, users can add their online accounts to the application to generate one-time passwords. Do you care about your cybersecurity? Then this is a must-have feature for you.
  • Compromised Accounts Monitoring
  • Secure Storage: The users' notes, screenshots, private keys, credit card data, etc will be stored as secure as a password.
  • VPN Service: This secured the user’s private network, using encryption and other security measures to ensure that only authorized users can assess it and that the data cannot be intercepted. This service is available to HackenAI paid subscribers.
  • Noncustodial Crypto Wallet: The main aim of this is to provide secure storage of the currencies and also make use of HAI staking options.
  • Digital Asset Viewer: With this, users can do a whole lot of things like connecting all their exchanges accounts and importing all assets data every time they log in, tracking the performance of all their crypto assets, monitoring the performance of their trading bots, configuring custom triggers for alerts, and more.
  • Cybersecurity Marketplace: This gives users access to 3rd party cybersecurity products and services on a marketplace. Some of these products and services include high-quality anti-viruses, cloud protection services, performance booster, etc.
  • News & Industry Alerts: With this users are informed of any new data leakages. It ensures that users are aware of unethical and fraudulent crypto companies.
  • Proxy Service For Browser Extension
  • Disabling Trackers For Browser Extension
  • Secure Browser For Mobile Apps

HAI Token




Hi there, I'm Chris Barth. A content creator, a mobile app developer (MAD), and a gamer. I do lots of cool innovative stuff!

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𝐂𝐑𝐫𝐒𝐬 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐑

Hi there, I'm Chris Barth. A content creator, a mobile app developer (MAD), and a gamer. I do lots of cool innovative stuff!

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