Have you ever received an email saying that you have inherited or maybe won thousands of US dollars, asking you to send your account number for the money to be transferred? Or maybe a text message that says something similar? Well, not long ago, I received such an email so, there became a need for this blog.

It all began in the 1970s when this distasteful act of cybercrime became evident. It began with hackers who illegally accessed high-level computer networks, while some hackers sought sensitive information of people. Some of these cybercriminals infect target computer systems with viruses which finally leads to the crash of the computer.

These viruses are codes that are programmed to copy themselves and destroy data and systems. Because viruses aren't the only door for cybercriminals, I'd end that there by numbering a list of some of this unpleasant act.

There are not less than 15 types of cybercrime, however, I’d like to point at the top 5;

* Phishing: This is an act in which cybercriminals collect users' sensitive or personal information from the users' computer mostly through phishing websites.

* Identity Theft: Identity theft has been there even before the rudiments of the internet but the internet just made it a lot easier. Phishing leads to identity theft.

* Cyberstalking: This could be the worse nightmare because after a cybercriminal has done the unpleasant deed, he/she goes ahead stalking the victim waiting to strike back continuously.

* Invasion of Privacy: Irrespective of its position on my list, this is quite common. In this case, the victim's private life is being intruded on. This could be by hacking into a person's computer, reading their emails, or monitoring their online activities.

* DOS Attack: DOS (Denial Of Service) is the situation in which a system is being denied from responding to service requests. One of the aims of DOS is to take a system offline so a different sort of attack can be launched (this could sometimes be hijacking).

Think of this; People know the problem they are facing, but why haven't they seek enough protection?
I'll tell you a few reasons
Firstly, people have this illusion that antivirus software is all they need. Used to think so too until I saw advanced techniques that most antivirus can't solve. Some people think that they are safe because they are only a small target and they lack a sense of urgency because they haven't been hacked yet or don't directly know anyone who has fallen a victim. Now, most of us in the crypto space face these cyberattacks than anyone else. We see things like social media phishing attacks which serve as the main gateway to crypto account access, the takeover of individual accounts through leaked databases and 2FA resets, and even more.

Right now, everyone needs a solution that'll provide them with peace of mind even though they don't have any expert knowledge of cybersecurity. To be more exact, there's a product that fits perfectly, I'm referring to HackenAI. Do you know what this means? All gained experience, partnership, expertise in cybersecurity, and tokenomics are now in one single application; HackenAI.


HackenAI is a revolutionary 360Β° cybersecurity companion product that encourages users to learn good cybersecurity habits. HackenAI takes ownership of users' cybersecurity by constantly watching all potential threats and malpractices, and immediately alerts users with timely, detailed information. It also suggests steps to be taken in lessening the risks of exploitation. This is powered by the native HAI token.

HackenAI will provide a cyber boot camp that will consist of accounts management, anti-phishing, privacy, data protection rules, digital assets security, essentials. Except those and in other to keep you safe, HackenAI will provide;

  • Password Manager: This will help secure the storage of users' passwords and other critical personal data.
  • Two Factor Authentication (OTP Generation): With this, users can add their online accounts to the application to generate one-time passwords. Do you care about your cybersecurity? Then this is a must-have feature for you.
  • Compromised Accounts Monitoring
  • Secure Storage: The users' notes, screenshots, private keys, credit card data, etc will be stored as secure as a password.
  • VPN Service: This secured the user’s private network, using encryption and other security measures to ensure that only authorized users can assess it and that the data cannot be intercepted. This service is available to HackenAI paid subscribers.
  • Noncustodial Crypto Wallet: The main aim of this is to provide secure storage of the currencies and also make use of HAI staking options.
  • Digital Asset Viewer: With this, users can do a whole lot of things like connecting all their exchanges accounts and importing all assets data every time they log in, tracking the performance of all their crypto assets, monitoring the performance of their trading bots, configuring custom triggers for alerts, and more.
  • Cybersecurity Marketplace: This gives users access to 3rd party cybersecurity products and services on a marketplace. Some of these products and services include high-quality anti-viruses, cloud protection services, performance booster, etc.
  • News & Industry Alerts: With this users are informed of any new data leakages. It ensures that users are aware of unethical and fraudulent crypto companies.
  • Proxy Service For Browser Extension
  • Disabling Trackers For Browser Extension
  • Secure Browser For Mobile Apps

This Technology of HackenAI is implemented in various ways
* Mobile applications for android and iOS
* Desktop applications for macOS and windows
* Web-version
* Extensions for most popular web browsers (like Chrome)

Since the main aim of all of this is security, all users' data is protected with at least 3 security keys.
Firstly, the user seed phrase. The user seed phrase is generated by the app but is never stored on HackenAI servers. It is used only to generate private keys for deciphering sync data and crypto-assets accessibility, but never transfers over the internet.
Secondly, local password. This is set up by the user and is used for accessing data on authorized devices. It is never stored on HackenAI servers and it never transfers over the internet.
Last but not least is the user device key. This is automatically generated for each device and is used for authentication.
For cases like account recovery, the user needs to input their seed phrase which is usually generated on registration.

HAI Token

Lest I forget, HAI is the utility token that powers most activities performed within the HackenAI platform. Users who hold HAI token will receive benefits from the HackenAI platform, the white hat community, and the B2B business activity.

Update: HackenAI 1.0 will be released in 5 days time (April 27th, 2020!). To celebrate this, HackenAI is offering a 50% discount on all Staking Packages when purchased through their dashboard. You don’t want to missΒ this.

With all these features, HackenAI is positioned above popular competitors like LASTPASS, 1PASSWORD, DASHLANE, and even KEEPASS.

To know more on how you can roll with HackenAI, visit the links below;








Writer: Chris Barth

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