ENNOWALLET: A Crypto Wallet That Makes Banking/Trading Effortless



  • Enno Wallet helps users gain money, which is done by merely conserving and not utilizing the cryptocurrency stored in your Enno Wallet. With every transaction made in the ecosystem, an interest of 14.01% will be allocated to you.
  • Enno Wallet provides a top-notch security network, the secret keys used are only accessible to the owner and no other party and should therefore be stored locally.
  • With no fees attached, Users can swap assets directly from their wallets with any other cryptocurrency approved on Enno Wallet.
  • Decentralized Forex(DeFo) provides tools to aid swapping in Enno Wallet, and this is dependable and straightforward due to its functionality with smart contracts.


  • 5%- Bounty, Referral, and Contest
  • 10%- Development and Marketing
  • 10%- Early bird
  • 10%- Private investors and team
  • 15%- Token sale
  • 50%- App users

Token details:




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