EDXSwap: An Educative Exchange Platform

The first cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and from there, many crypto platforms have originated claiming to give users "the total package", yet, the majority failed in their mission. However, an outstanding platform (EDXSwap) has been developed; a new cryptocurrency that has come to transform the financial and lottery space completely. EDXSwap is also a DeFi platform.

For clarification, DeFi platforms are created to ensure that all financial transactions can be carried out on the Blockchain space in a disseminated, lucid, and efficient way without running through third parties like banks. Originally the idea behind cryptocurrency was primarily for swift transfers without a guarantor needed, and operations are done in a transparent, and yet anonymous manner.


The Education Exchange (EDXSwap) is a disseminated trade service that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. This innovation is vast and possesses so many other benefits that permit users and contributors to win a prize in the form of coins or tokens. The EDXSwap is an affordable platform, which is speedy and easily accessible, meaning that its operations are easy to learn and everyone can easily operate them.

Features of EDXSwap

Exchange: The EDXSwap platform uses AMM Program. AMM stands for the Automated Market Maker. This program permits the swapping or trading of two coins on the Binance Smart Chain, with ease and without network glitches or double-spending.

Gain: With the help of this feature a user of the platform can earn or get gain from BNB cultivation, wagering, and even more interestingly gain more coins with the syrup pools category.

Must Win: When users participate in the EDXSwap lottery pools, they have guaranteed chances of coming out victorious. With the EDX lottery, there are no losers, just winners!

More information on the lottery segment of EDXSwap

To participate as a player in this segment, users must sign up. Once this is done, players must send EDX into their account. The lottery possesses six diverse pass cards which include the following ->

  • Cards one $
  • Card five $
  • Card ten $
  • Card twenty $
  • Card fifty $
  • Card hundred $

Each of this card possesses a special card package which has three choices;

  • Ten gamers
  • Thirty gamers
  • Sixty gamers

Important notice: all cards bought with EDX coins are transformed based on the present trading or exchange price.

Special characters of the EDXSwap operating farm

All contributors will receive payment which will be a rigid bonus by the BNB coins based on the present trading or exchange price and at the rate of BUSD. To further simplify this. Participants cultivating EDX and BNB will only get their reward from BNB only, not EDX. This will curtail the exponential rise in the digits of EDX, which will cause a trade-off that will minimize the price of EDX on trading platforms. All participants can cultivate and un-cultivate whenever they feel like, and trade it to acquire matching BNB coins. This automated cultivation stops coins from increasing, and by so doing, interest in high exchangeable coins is acquired. This will invariably raise the EDX value from time to time.


EDX is the name of the EDXSwap coin. Its total amount in circulation is 1 Million. It will be bought for 4 BUSD per coin. 25% (250k EDX) goes to pancake swap and will be priced at five BUSDT per coin. Airdrop and trading platforms will take 5% (50k EDX). For the transformation of EDX, 10% (100k EDX) will be allocated. Finally, 15% which equals (150k EDX) will be allocated for the private trade which will be at the rate of 3 BUSD per EDX.


EDXSwap is not only a gaming platform but has diverse uses. It shows users how to win or earn coins, its operating speed is amazing, it is very affordable and user-friendly.

Written by Chris Barth



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