The term cryptocurrency and DEFI have become a word on virtually everyone’s lips, yet a lot of people are still in the dark concerning what it entails. In simple terms, cryptocurrency is a disseminated financial network platform without any governmental decree governing it. On the other hand, DEFI is a platform constructed to ensure that all financial transactions can be carried out on the blockchain space in a disseminated, lucid, and efficient way without running transactions through third parties, like centralized economic banks. Originally the idea behind cryptocurrency was primary for swift trading options without a guarantor needed, operated in a lucid, guarded, and unidentified manner. The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem has greatly transformed into a more viable structure better equipped for trading, storing, and swapping. This growth and development have prompted the emergence of the top and leading investment platform which is the BucksCake project.


BKC (in short) operates on a DEFI protocol that strives to give total ricochet of the Ethereum platform for every user that has web access. Operating with the smart contract and a reinforced coin system guarantees a completely safeguarded and lucid transaction process. This program offers diverse services like yield cultivation and betting which can guarantee that users can get smooth entry into the BKC space.


Inflation Proof:

This means the BKC platform has a kind of airbag support system which has a firm and strengthened effect on every coin. Once BKC coin is exchanged, a little fee is required by the cultivators. This process not only supports hodling but gaming as well. The total amount of the coin for the public is 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand) coins and that will be the only quantity created.


Because of the passion with which users strive to put their coins with exchangeability enhancers (e.g uniswap), the fees charged from these coins are cultivated. A fraction of these fees is allocated according to an independent plan, for example, LP coin exchangeability which is then converted to ETH-BKC. Every bought BKC coins will be sent to farmers and speakers.


People who possess BKC tokens will be granted the rights to vote or Choose diverse proposals if and only if they have wager exchangeability in the exchangeability pots. The village or community will call the shots, and the price developers will charge for the site blueprint to gain entry into cultivation rights.

Token Allocation:

BKC is the token’s official name and will be allocated while pre-sale is ongoing. While this is ongoing, a section of the received ETH will be exchanged to get BKC. This action will give this innovation its first "price tag" after the end of the Early sales. When the process is complete, leftover BKCs will be shared within contributors just once as a subsidy. The BKC Is pre-mined; it does not possess mining options. The 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand) coins are rigid and fixed permanently. Leftover BKCs will come in handy by intensifying exchangeability to diverse DEX ecosystems like sushiswap, where a handful will be given off as an airdrop.

Yield Farming:

This feature can also be called the exchangeable digging foundation of DEFI transformation in the blockchain space. The term yield farming simply means the process to acquire income from committed funds. This dynamic feature gives users the power to acquire profits for exchangeability in diverse trading categories. This will give users a due payout platform from uniswap fees or commission.


Summarily, This innovation is indeed a gamechanger in the cryptocurrency and DEFI space. It is set to make users very comfortable and enjoy smooth transaction operations.



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