It is obvious that some crypto users have and operate on multiple accounts. The energy and task of having to keep up with different sites (for information) in other to be current with things happening on each platform, and the focus needed to monitor these numerous transactions can be quite complex and a bit bulky to navigate through.

Hence the need to create an intelligent platform that will not only interlock but also infuse all the data and operations into one absolute ecosystem stage and any platform created for such must be built on the blockchain tabulation, which will create a bridge to connect the cryptocurrency world. To suit this need, BITNORM was created.


Bitnorm is a program/an application that gives top-notch information, analysis, and better explanation to cryptocurrency users. This in turn equips them with enough information about the crypto space.

Furthermore, Bitnorm specifically incorporates crypto and blockchain data, resource cipher data, network facts, exchange platform facts, and news specifics. All these are made possible by a powerful society, that rules and gives daily technical analysis.

Bitnorm is the leading platform in the compendium of crypto intelligence in the world. Interestingly because of the facts search program; Bitnorm gives total deep operations which grant users access to the world's leading trade analysis, highlights, and social point of view of recently listed tokens.

Note: when clients use the Bitnorm platform there is a guaranteed chance that they will trade better.
People frequently asked questions like "why should I use Bitnorm?". Well here's the answer; Contributors, traders, and investors have to operate and service many accounts on many websites to be on top of their exchanging notifications. They have to stay in touch with crypto information channels, like blogs, podcasts, etc for them to make the right decision. Since no platform has all the parameters mentioned above, in comes the Bitnorm platform.

This platform combines all the functions mentioned earlier and infuses them into the Bitnorm stage, giving users everything they need on a single plate. Not only that, the Bitnorm app provides users with credible time facts plus an interactive co-action space which always makes users of Bitnorm the first to come in contact with the best exchange and investment opportunity.


Source encryption data program:

This feature aims to empower Bitnorm users with the power to inspect crypto and utility sources encryption.

Market fact search engine:

Every contributor, trader, and user. knows the depth to which it is important to follow crypto amount price, depth, and exchange platform cap. By doing so Bitnorm will sway the direction of the cryptocurrency graph for its users' benefits.

Society search engine:

The society search engine strives to incorporate crypto platforms, and bloggers, into chatting or interactive space for more social partnership.

Network facts robot:

This feature deploys a search engine that uses crypto Blockchain nodes. It also strives to find out authentic news concerning different cryptocurrencies.

Market information:

Bitnorm will utilize its many search engines to get information, reactions, and dialogue to check if there is accurate or inaccurate news on blockchain innovations and pinpoint where.

Assortment engine:

This is positioned to add to the transparency of recent coins by making a standard catalog of every published crypto coin, whether added manual or automatically.

User-based applications;

  • Cryptologists
  • Crypto contributors
  • Crypto service provider and upgrading
  • Private cryptocurrency researchers
  • Crypto exchangers


The name of the Bitnorm token is BN token. It operates on the Ethereum Erc-20 blockchain. It was specially created for this platform to make it very secure and transparent. Since it is built on Erc-20, a sure interaction between other smart chain agreement and other decentralized app is guaranteed.


The Bitnorm platform is a standard application built to combat the complexities a user faces when he or she navigates through a lot of crypto websites (mostly for information). By incorporating many necessary features into the Bitnorm app, the Bitnorm is just enough and is going to benefit all that uses it.

Written by Chris Barth



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