Base Reward Token; Rewarding Users In The Ecosystem

In creating an economic system or a business-be it the profit or not, there’s a rule of thumb that guides the structure which is "always keep in mind the Stakeholders".
Many people synonymously mistake stakeholders with shareholders. The clear distinctive explanation is seamlessly twisted and misunderstood. To get that clear, the term "shareholders" means corporate owners of stock or part owners of a company. In contrast, the "stakeholders" can be simply put as the people involved in a course of action.

In companies, we view the stakeholders as the employees, employers, consumers, investors, suppliers, and so forth. These are the individuals involved in the dynamic course of action and in a dynamic schema, all individuals are dependent on each other and can affect one another.
But then, there’s this set of stakeholders that are easily trivialized and most likely goes obscured all the time. And this set is the consumers, also known as the end-users in the dynamic schemata. Why can’t the end-users benefit from their spending? Why can’t consumers get reasonably rewarded for the commitment and connection in keeping the ecosystem system working?

In business, if the consumer is not buying then the provider is losing because there’s no inflow of income, and that’s why we are here to bring you the Base Reward Token.
The Base Reward Token (B.R.T) creates a potent and efficient decentralized digital one-stop-shop marketplace economy with a stable economic growth (Base Reward Ecosystem) powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency (Base Reward Token).

The Base Reward Token offers unique utility for the Defi space with a rewarding system and supply for consumers. B.R.T as it skyrockets is geared towards achieving real-life value.

We are going to run through some of the unique utilities we will see down the road:

This per se stands as one of the core values in the Base Reward Ecosystem. It gives access to myriads of online purchases to token holders and they subsequently earn a token on every transaction. The system is structured to offer users a 60% percentage of generated fees in the ecosystem which will be redistributed across every token holder who provides liquidity on the exchange.

The Base Reward Token serves as the key asset representing the Base Reward Ecosystem. All users profit from any service at any time as far as the Base Reward Token ownership is functional.

Possessing a Based Reward Token applies to holding a piece of its services, meaning you’re an owner. The DeFi space makes it flexible and open source for everyone to own a B.R.T token and making it everyone’s business.

With the BRT ownership, full access is granted to the user’s token to make purchases of products and services within the ecosystem. BRT will offer holders a chance to pay some of Base Reward services at the beginning and all its services in the future using the token and at a discount.

For the sake of decentralization and placing value to all the end-users who seemingly looks neglected in the real world in voting to make rightful decisions and mandates, the Based Reward Token offers full responsibility and authorization to token holders to vote on a decision that can likely affect the DeFi ecosystem.


We have seen the transfer of ideas and technologies so far in the information revolution and industrial revolution moving at an accelerating pace. Innovative thinkers have been looking out for pain points within organizations and sectors, and entrepreneurs are willing to solve them. One of these which we have seen just above is that the Based Reward Token is looking into the pain of consumers (end-users) and reaching out to reward token holders based on their transactions and also giving a democratic and decentralized voting right to make a decision that largely affects the ecosystem. It only gets better as we progress.

Written by Chris Barth



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