AntEx - A Decentralized Multi-chain Token Management Platform


AntEx Ecosystem

AntEx has quite many unique features;

  • AntEx Lock: lock liquidity and lock token are becoming standard in the DeFi field. lock token permits anyone to lock their token for security reasons while lock liquidity allows holders to lock their liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a while by sending it to a time-locked smart contract.
  • AntEx launch: It’s a distinctive tool because it has Initial liquidity offering (ILO) and Initial Dex offering and vexting (IDOV) as features therefore, IDO is supplied as the vexting token. Now token sales can be divided accordingly to token owner’s business models with greater flexibility.
  • AntEx blockchain wallet: This is a decentralized wallet that is made especially for account holders. Here their digital assets and private key are theirs alone. This wallet is a bridge to blockchain projects in no time.
  • DEX(Decentralized exchange): users can now give out new tokens, dispatch and acquire ANTEX of any user, suspend or release tokens as required, get rid of tokens, the most important is that users digital assets are guarded and secured all over the decentralized wallet application.


This is an open-source stable coin with 01VNDT:01VND as its ratio, used for exchange between fiat(VND) and Cryptocurrencies. It is a forefront product that assists fiat holders have access to the Crypto market in the guarded and undemanding way possible. It has a vision of being the dominating digital bank in the crypto space.
VNDT has a stable value that is useful in investment, e-marketing, loans, and transactions in the ecosystem.

Features Of VNDT Wallet

  • Production of co-branded bank cards helps ease the Crypto-fiat exchange.
  • Crypto loan is granted to borrowers who use their Crypto-assets as collateral with interest that goes following VNDT payment gateway management.
  • VNDT remittance by QR code which was created by the Decentralized blockchain and bank specialist focus to make payment handled effortlessly and quickly and also to dispense lucid payment, privacy control, and high security.
  • Users can stake their digital asset to secure blockchain network, in return users who stake their coin get a reward in the figure of newly minted coins.
  • Aside from basic purposes like withdrawal, deposit, storage, and exchange between Crypto and crypto-fiats-crypto, the VNDT team wants to provide a Crypto wallet for communities to help them buy physical products in real life using Crypto. But for now, the bank accounts of both buyer and seller must be in the same country.


  • Token symbol: ANTEX
  • Total supply: 100,000,000,000
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Auditor: certiK
  • Contract:0xCA1aCAB14e85F30996aC83c64fF93Ded7586977C
  • Token type: Utility, Governance.


AntEx generates an impeccable cryptocurrency and fiat connection payment gateway that has a goal to fast-track the use of Crypto in the real world. AntEx stable coin VNDT is built on TRC20, ERC20, BSC, and KRC20. VNDT wants to make it simpler for crypto holders to have access to digital assets in their everyday physical life. The AntEx blockchain applications came up with safety, lucidity, transaction speed, etc which in turn benefits the investors by allowing them to manage their investment in the best way possible.



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