100xCoin; Another Alt Gem

  • Newbie Buyers: These are simply novice buyers that have not traded on the crypto market before and don’t have a solid knowledge of what to purchase. The increasingly growing community has a shared responsibility to educate newbie buyers and direct them to make profitable tradings and also circumvent losses.
  • Cryptocurrency Experts: These are the second distinct members that $100xCoin seeks to attract. They are experts, professionals, or crypto-nerds who have made significant progress and profit from high-growth projects. These members can help in educating newcomers and also share valuable experiences while they grow the value of the token. It’s a win-win on all sides. The fusion of both community members will provide 100xCoin the necessary peer group for upcoming use case plans.


With no selfish reservation for so-called founders and developers, $100x is starting with a significant token supply figure of 935,312,500,000,000 which will be distributed across wallet holders, and all $100x can be freely sold and bought across wallets.


Building a DAO platform that adds value to both newcomers and experts and also creates sustainable plans for growth is very exceptional. This puts 100xCoin apart from the rest and shows a projection of how far they will go, while others aim for a myopic target. As 100xCoin has set to have marketing, sales, and development in a flywheel fashion and make transactions clear and open to the community, there is no doubt that 100xCoin will be the best run DAO on the Binance Smart Chain.



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