From blockchain being implemented in the real estate industry to blockchain launched to decentralize medical records for patients and to blockchain that decentralizes finance. Blockchain initiatives and innovations are now aiming to serve unique economical niches and provide utility. One of the unique niches we will explore today is "the niche of community". The question is not only how we can create a community where like-minds, novices, and experts can come together to learn and share experience; the crucial question is "how can we create a community, that is reliable, supportive, and transparent?" After assessing this question, Ken β€œThe Crypto”, known as the founder of 100xCoin takes a bold step to launch 100xCoin.

$100x is the platform's coin name and is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The $100x coin charges a 7% transaction fee which is divided between automatic liquidity pool generation, burn functions, and a development wallet. $100x focuses on attracting certain communities and supplies remarkable values which are education, transparency, support for other DAO communities, and sustainability.

The targeted community members to which $100xCoin offers their exceptional values are:

  • Newbie Buyers: These are simply novice buyers that have not traded on the crypto market before and don’t have a solid knowledge of what to purchase. The increasingly growing community has a shared responsibility to educate newbie buyers and direct them to make profitable tradings and also circumvent losses.
  • Cryptocurrency Experts: These are the second distinct members that $100xCoin seeks to attract. They are experts, professionals, or crypto-nerds who have made significant progress and profit from high-growth projects. These members can help in educating newcomers and also share valuable experiences while they grow the value of the token. It’s a win-win on all sides. The fusion of both community members will provide 100xCoin the necessary peer group for upcoming use case plans.


With no selfish reservation for so-called founders and developers, $100x is starting with a significant token supply figure of 935,312,500,000,000 which will be distributed across wallet holders, and all $100x can be freely sold and bought across wallets.

The tokenomics of 100xCoinΒ include:
2% automatic liquidity pool generation
3.5% burn per transaction
2% automatic burn
1.5% reserved for manual burns
1.5% marketing and development allocation.

After reviewing other profitable and accomplished projects this year, this tokenomics was built from the community advice. These specific features are geared for hyper-growth of the $100x token.
A core modification from the other well-known projects is "there is no redistribution of tokens." Redistribution does not reward holders in the ways with which other tokens encourage. The redistribution favors only top wallets of 20 and up and it gives more "selling power" to holders when small amounts of tokens are sent. Redistribution in this sense does not help the community to grow. Subsequently, this is why the $100x token burns 3.5% of transactions. In this light, holders are rewarded by a regular exponential increase in token worth as the circulating supply decreases.

In similarity to the successful project Safemoon, the liquidity pool function was inspired. The automatic liquidity function taxes sellers and buyers 2% on each transaction. 50% of this charge is used to buy BNB, then, the other 50% of $100x is paired with the purchased BNB and added to the liquidity pool. In contrast to Safemoon fundraising, when a new feature is about to be released and which consequently makes growth strained and limited, the 1.5% of funds reserved for marketing and development in the $100x will be used to market the growth of the token, and develop future platform features. These funds increase the chance to go parabolic before the bull-run ends, while also building sustainable features.


Building a DAO platform that adds value to both newcomers and experts and also creates sustainable plans for growth is very exceptional. This puts 100xCoin apart from the rest and shows a projection of how far they will go, while others aim for a myopic target. As 100xCoin has set to have marketing, sales, and development in a flywheel fashion and make transactions clear and open to the community, there is no doubt that 100xCoin will be the best run DAO on the Binance Smart Chain.

Written by Chris Barth

Hi there, I'm Chris Barth. A content creator, a mobile app developer (MAD), and a gamer. I do lots of cool innovative stuff!